This is what happens when the Swiss XC league goes to Brazil:-)…/…/detail:reynald/12.10.2019/10:06

We were 6 to be towed at around 7am the morning by Fly With Andy  from Caico and all of us made more than 500km!!!!!

One of the 6 is Yael Margelisch who became the first woman ever to pass the 500km mark in paragliding. Big Congratulations for this “première”!!!!! A full article about Yael’s record is available here

Thank to FlyWithAndy and the SHV-FSVL which support such a project.

And congrats to my flying buddies of the day: Michael Sigel, Yael Margelisch, Clément Latour, Sebastian Benz & Pascal Bissig. You rocked the day!!!!!

More pictures available below:

Finally, couple of movies made during the last 2 weeks are available below: